Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thank you Mary Ann

Mary Ann Lindsay of Inland Northwest Rescue has passed away. You can read more about Mary Ann and her story here . Thank you Mary Ann for all the tireless work you did helping the orphaned animals. Thanks for our wonderful Australian Shepherd Cash he is truly a blessing.
I have often asked myself " Hm, I spend so much time around dogs, helping abandoned animals, but what do I do for humanity?" I used to help people too but found that the dogs are easier to help and not so resistant to taking help from a person and changing behaviors in order to improve their lives. Try telling a person " you need to eat better, get more exercise in order to be more calm and less neurotic, and that anxious behavior like smoking or overeating that you do, you need to sublimate that and do something more positive instead, here have a chewy toy(just joking) or knitting needles!" and see what kind of result you get! Most people really don't like others even focusing on their weaknesses let alone helping them to overcome them quickly. At least that has been my experience, so for me, I love helping the dogs but in a strange way, I think helping the dogs does help people, in that others see your kindness and care for something outside yourself and are reminded of their own humanity.One man I saw regularly while walking said"you're still walking shelter dogs?" That was three years ago, yes I am still walking them, only not so often lately. The dogs I help go on to help the people who adopt them. In helping the dogs to become better, well adjusted, loved pets, the people who adopt them can enjoy a beautiful relationship with a happy dog and spend time having fun and getting exercise together.
The dog in the photo is Ruby, an older dog who was still quite engaged and desirous of attention and enjoyed walking with me and Cash my Australian Shepherd