Saturday, April 10, 2010

Modernist dog house

This is our wonderful no-kill animal shelter

The generous and talented members of the College of Engineering and Architecture at Washington State University,( which is 8 miles away across the state line) designed and built these modernist dog houses for our shelter. I just think they're great, and the dogs love them too. Can you believe it,modernist architecture where the form actually follows the function? Check out the one black dog who is standing on top of his lookout tower and loving it. We have some very satisfied customers here! Thanks W.S.U. College of Engineering and Architecture for a great job and service to the animals.

Special thanks to for the tech support.


  1. What can I say but wow. your dogs have gone from the pooch house to the penthouse. I love the blog about the work you do. Keep writing.

  2. wouaf !!!
    i don't know where you'are, how you land on my blog, but, keep going !! (helping dogs !!!!)

  3. Lorena, those shelters are terrific. I'm so glad there are people who still care about the welfare of animals.

    The little dog you found on my blog is a four pound Papillon (which I totally adore - can you tell?)