Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An interesting book- Harrison Forbes" Dog Talk: Lessons Learned from a Life with Dogs"

I really enjoyed Harrison Forbes book "Dog Talk: Lessons Learned from a Life with Dogs"
http:// I appreciate the way the book tied together his early experiences with dogs, carrying the theme of love and loss and the temporary nature of some of his relationships with dogs throughout the book. I was touched by his candor in describing the many challenges he encountered training dogs for personal protection.This is an exciting read, the chapters revealing the tremendous risk and reward involved, working with this subset of dogs. It was inspiring to see the combination of personal strength, intuition, sensitivity, and skill Harrison displayed in the various scenarios with the dogs he worked with.

I Loved the editing job of Beth Adelman in this book. She would be my dream editor for my manuscript, if I could only figure out how to make that happen. I want to publish my book somehow, but with my lousy grammar skills, and subjective viewpoint of my work, I really need the team effort of a great editor. I feel Beth Adelman, being a person who cares about animals herself, understands the subtle, interconnected nature of dog and human interactions.She has the ability to weave the human and dog stories into an interesting, compelling, whole, and would be a great fit for what I've tried to do with my manuscript. So nice to see such a beautiful team effort. Great job on Harrison Forbes "Dog Talk Lessons Learned from a Life with Dogs"

Just in case Beth reads this post, here are some links to stories in my manuscript/ book that I posted, and some blog post high points


  1. Best of luck with the next step in this project, it sounds like a wonderful book and one that needs to be out there for others to read.

  2. Thanks Mr. H, I'm at the point where I need to get my courage up and try and take it forward.I so appreciate your visits and support, you're very kind.I always find your blog so inspiring and full of interesting gardening and self- sufficiency information.Hope spring comes to Idaho soon!