Tuesday, March 20, 2012

walking dogs and contemplating the global economic crisis

The dog in the above photos is Fletcher, an affectionate, energetic, Cattle dog/ Border collie mix available for adoption http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/22366778
I was trying to get my mind around the issue of people unable to provide for their horses, a topic I wrote about in my previous blog post. I talked to a woman who views personal responsibility to one's animals as never ceasing, no matter what. I feel this way towards my own animals, and consider myself an educated, resourceful, woman but wonder about those unfortunates who find themselves living at the margins of survival, who may not be well informed. I do ask myself whether rapid economic turmoil, with it's broad sweeping, devastating effects, would constitute mitigating circumstances? I understand that having a punishment for neglect, may deter some people from acquiring large animals in the first place, that they may later be unable to feed if the market price for hay goes sky high again, and the economic recovery wanes. Fear of being unable to provide for large animals in an uncertain economic environment, is part of the reason why it is hard to even give away large animals these days . I suppose fear of punishment could also induce a person to get out of their dysfunctional stupor and find a solution to their problem before it goes too far. Some of the legal solutions, according to our state law if one can not find another home for their horses,though humane, seem brutal to horse and owner as well, which you can read bout on this link http://legislature.idaho.gov/idstat/Title25/T25CH35SECT25-3514.htm .I wonder if the tough emotional choice leads people to indecision. It's just such a sad situation all the way around, and sends me walking and helping the dogs as I try and make sense of it all.
Apparently inability to provide for one's horses is somewhat of a global problem as the economic crisis is unfortunately a global phenomenon . Here's a disturbing story out of the United Kingdom on the topic http://www.horsecarecourses.com/horse-sense/2012/01/thousands-of-horses-in-the-uk-being-abandoned-.html
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