Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Healing my elderly dog naturally- update

Since my last post 3 months ago, my old dog has been doing incredibly well on all three herbal supplements; Chanca Piedra pills, Milk Thistle alcohol free extract, and Pet Alive Kidney support . In fact he hasn't had any urinary accidents in the house at all. I hardly ever notice any blood in the urine compared to what he was experiencing before I started  him on the treatments. I'm still not exactly sure what was wrong with the dog. The veterinarian indicated she thought it had more to do with the liver than the kidneys. I thought perhaps he had kidney stones as the incontinence and blood in the urine would come and go, regardless of the cause, he seems to be doing much better now. The Chanca Piedra is recommended for bladder, liver, gallbladder and kidney issues http://piedrachanca.com/  which may be part of the improvement. At one point he started throwing up and I was afraid that it had something to do with the herbal supplements, so I stopped all three for a few days. The blood in the urine came back and I figured out that the vomiting was a result of the dog eating out of my compost pile, and not the herbal supplements so I put him back on the 3 supplements and his urine cleared up again and he was fine.I have re- ordered the herbal supplements numerous times, and continue to give them to him in the same amounts( approximately .50ml-about 1/3 of the dropper applicator of the Pet Alive Kidney Support and the same amount for the Milk Thistle Extract one time a day , one Chanca Piedra pill covered in peanut butter ). Once in a while if I still notice a reddish color in the urine, I will give one extra Chanca Piedra pill, totaling, 2 pills for that day, for my  now, 45 lb, elderly dog

My dog just turned 15 years old .He seems to be doing quite well, he sleeps peacefully on his comfortable, memory foam, dog bed. He wanders around outside on my acreage, but doesn't go too far. He's taken to preemptive barking when I let him out. It's probably because he's old, and doesn't see to well, and wants to scare off any trouble that might be out there. Unfortunately the younger dog doesn't realize this, so they are often times like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, off barking and chasing imaginary windmills together. 


  1. My dogs do the same thing.. I a
    often wonder if it is because they are so excited to get out in the morning but your reasoning sounds right too.
    Have you ever tried food grade Diatomeaceous earth with your dog. it is suppose to be particularly good for the liver. I am giving it to my dogs internally and as a flea dust .

  2. Im will apply for my dog, thank for share.