Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bella of the ball

This is beautiful Bella, a medium sized dog I'm guessing about 8 months old, maybe a Border Collie, German Shepherd mix with two gorgeous blue eyes. Like so many shelter dogs, she was way too wound up to sit pretty for photos although she did sit on command when I asked her, just not long enough for me to do the quick draw mc camera routine. Lucky Lenny got adopted and someone else was walking Mongo so I thought I'd take this pretty gal for a spin. She was a tad wound up at first dancing around me and a little jumpy/scared but after 15 minutes she calmed down considerably. With a little training and consistency she'll make a fine pet, and a gorgeous one at that


  1. Try to take pictures from their wiev, i mean lower.

  2. Cute blogsite :-)
    He/she had BEAUTIFUL bleu eyes !!!!