Sunday, February 14, 2010

the plight of Mongo

Lenny got adopted, Bella got adopted and Mongo is still there. Improving in his leashwork,physically filling out after neutering, slowing down a touch. He's like some men I have known that had a rough and difficult start in life. They seem unable to feel, to trust, to get tangled up in a relationship they don't understand. The emotions seem frozen somehow. The thaw is happening, slowly but surely. He looks back at me and comes into a lean on my legs of his own accord now, a few times on our walks. He also allows me to smother him with hugs and praise. He's always been happy to see me initially and takes the leash in his mouth as if to cart me off on his walk. In that he is rather humorous. But somehow when we get outside in the street and neighborhoods there is much to much going on that is new to him for him to pay too much attention to me yet. I stop and sit on the steps in the park and watch him. He sort of comes to me now with some coaxing, although at times I'm still not convinced that he doesn't suffer from temporary self induced deafness. It's as if no one ever called the dog to come and then played with him, as if all that was ever done for him was to have given him food and water. It's as if he was just left in the back yard and given no more attention than a rock in one's back yard, which I don't really understand. He still seems more comfortable with men and will sort of warm up to them more easily than to women. Both myself,and another volunteer are working with him and with all these people pulling for him he can't help but improve and come around if not slowly, and on his own terms.

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  1. Hi Lorena
    You have such a way of bringing out the personality of these dogs! Great work you're doing.
    I'm proud to be your friend - across the miles!