Monday, March 8, 2010

Lenny Returns

Poor Lenny, he's such a charming, eager little fellow, desperate to be loved. It seems he chewed up the t.v. remote control, and that was enough to return him to the shelter. I'm curious to know how it is possible, that after close to a month of being adopted, the people hadn't bonded with him enough to overlook this, after all, remote control's are rather cheap at the big box stores but for whatever true reason, Lenny was returned. He recognizes me, pleads with me," take me out, get me outa here". I only have so much time, I pet Lenny and then take Mongo out with Blue. He did well, he's getting better walking more nicely on the leash. My corrections are easier, more of a one armed jerk back rather than a full body throttle like in the past. Pascual, my dog, is still lollygagging at his senior pace. I don't think I'll bring him next time with Mongo, that way I'll be able to walk faster, but I thought it would be good for Mongo to be around another dog so he's not alienated from his own kind so much. I have watched the great dog trainer, Cesar Milan, socialize dogs gradually this way, introducing them to other pack members, the right pack members so as not to cause a disturbance. Mongo is becoming more warm and playful with me. A friend of mine saw us walking on the bike path and said that he looked like a happy dog, which is a grand improvement over him looking like a frozen anxious dog. With his newly uncovered lab like playfulness I have come up with more lighthearted names for him the current list is; Mongo, Mango, Mongoose. For those readers new to the blog, Mongo is the black dog, Lenny is the golden colored dog

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  1. if folks spend too much time gazing at the Box when they should be out romping in the fields - what's a dog to do?
    sounds to me like he was just trying to help out. i'd help out too, but we're across the Big Puddle [we do our best though, two of our five cats were found dumped, two are shelter cats and one was saved from a horrible petshop]