Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pandemonium Saturday

walked three shelter dogs in 2 and a half hours.,tried to let one black dog out who was in a kennel with 2 other similar looking black dogs. I accidentally let all 3 dogs out. They proceeded to run up and down the corridor of the outside kennel area, barking and chatting with every dog behind the kennel fence as if they were speed dating. I tried to grab them and put them back, only to realize that none of them had collars on. I quick saw an open kennel and corralled them in there. I then went and alerted the staff, of what had happened. They said they would come out and deal with it. I proceeded to get Lenny on the leash and take him out of his kennel. As Lenny and I are in the corridor, the three collarless dogs escape again through the gate of the kennel I had tied them up in. The kennel had a gap between the closure, they manged to squeeze through. The dogs hadn't been introduced to each other and a few of them were recently neutered so snapping and snarling ensue. I quickly see another open kennel so with one foot keeping the trio away from Lenny, and another hand opening the smaller kennel I quickly shove Lenny into the kennel and get the trio rounded up into another better secured kennel. The staff come out and try and address the three, "they had collars on this morning"" what happened to the collars?" Just another pandemonium Saturday at our busy shelter. Lenny who was in a smaller kennel looking at me like" Hey I thought I was going on a walk, what's this?" finally gets to go on his walk. Needless to say at the end of the day I was ready for a rest after so much walking on my feet, and thinking on my feet.

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