Wednesday, March 31, 2010

some new dogs

The big brown chocolate lab/Chesapeake Bay mix is Wimbleton- he loves his tennis balls. He's a nice big cuddly bear type of fella who loves people and walks fairly well on the leash, which could turn into walking beautifully on the leash with a little training. He was tied up between two trees in the back of a yard for a lot of his life and is fairly well adjusted, considering this history. The little adorable one is Lilly, a Japanese Chin, who spent quite a bit of time curled up in my arms.She's cute as can be, 6 years old, loves men and women, gets along with dogs and cats if they are nice. It was very hard not to adopt her myself but I am only half of the household decision making process. She only arrived yesterday and I'm guessing will be adopted soon, as she is small, cute, with no major issues and 100% adorable.

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