Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And so it goes

A beautiful sunny winter day, no snow on the ground, and Mongo is cooperating, wowza, I'm a happy camper. I even got a brief couple of connecting moments with him. Maybe it had something to do with my Barbara Woodhouse dog trainer imitations. I told you I had to pull out all the stops, so there I go saying "Walkies" down the street with my put on English accent, but anything to help the dogs. Poor Lenny got bypassed because I didn't have enough time to take him today. When Mongo and I came back I saw a shelter employee playing ball with Lenny, so at least he was getting some exercise and attention. So such are the vagaries of working with shelter dogs. I didn't even have time to let Mongo run loose today and yet he was better. Maybe it has something to do with his diarrhea being under control, or the fact that the dogs can hang out in the outdoor pens, which are bigger than the indoor ones, but things were definately better today. The following video is of Barbara Woodhouse, my favorite dog trainer. One of the men being interviewed is Brian Kilcommons another wonderful trainer with an excellent book on dog training called " Good Owners, Great Dogs"

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