Wednesday, January 13, 2010

progress in leaps and bounds

Maybe it had something to do with the rain mellowing out the dogs who were kept in their indoor kennels,because, when I took Mongo out he was relatively relaxed. I wasn't even able to let him run loose first in the off leash dog park as other people were there, and that would be against policy, so I was surprised that we got on so well today. I was even able to hold the leash in only one hand for half of the walk, which was darn good considering his overall situation, and having only worked with him 5 times. He does have an odd way of hearing without listening. I tell him things like"wait" or "this way" to change directions and he complies, but when I whistle and call his name and say "come" he acts like he hears something far in the distance and basically ignores me which seems odd, given that he was an owner surrender and Mongo had been his name for 3 years. Well, such are the mysteries when trying to understand a dog who doesn't speak your language. I'm just grateful that we are making progress and will observe the other behaviors and see if they become more understandable. He's had diahrrea since I've worked with him and is on medication for it , I wonder if that's nerves or part of his agitated state, but he's being well taken care of so all we can do is continue to help him and hope we(meaning myself and the shelter staff) make his life easier.

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