Monday, January 11, 2010

getting creative/ problem solving

How to get a pent up dog in unnatural conditions to be more balanced and calm? Let him run around in the off leash dog park for 20 minutes before attempting leash work. How to make him feel more at ease? Bring my dog Pascual, the blue heeler in so he has some companionship. This strategy seemed to help a lot and I was able to walk Pascual and Mongo together for 30 minutes. Sometimes having my dog with me is a calming influence to the other dog and he can display the behavior of a good dog to the shelter dog who will hopefully pick up on what the pack members are supposed to do. I apologize for the lousy photo but dogs with a ton of energy don't stand still long enough for great photo's without putting the camara in jeopardy so this was the best I could do for now.

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