Monday, January 11, 2010

my philosophy of exercise

I follow a wonderful inspirational blog called Everyday Gyaan The topic of New Years resolutions came up and I wrote in about my philosophy of exercise which you can link to here My basic belief is that exercise should be fun, edifying, and useful. So instead of working out on machines and paying for the privelege, why not hook the machines up to generate electricity,or garden and grow food for yourself or others. When I go for walks, I take shelter dogs with me because we both need the exercise, it's tons of fun and often rewarding. Sometimes I walk dogs with a friend and have deep philosophical conversations as we walk. I have arrived at my own version of the philosophy of efficiency, meeting many needs simultaneously. It's just something I came to acquire as a multi-tasker with a big heart. It's sort of a blend of the western concept of work ethic and resourcefulness combined with the Eastern philosophy of dharma.

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