Thursday, January 14, 2010


This is Lenny, or as my parents had a friend who was a Lenni Lenape Indian,that of course is one of my nicknames for him-Lenny Lenape, or as is more fitting to his character, Lenny and Squiggy, from the" Laverne and Shirley" television show.Why is the name Squiggy more in character ? because the word squiggy is closely related to the word squiggly which sounds an awful lot like the word wiggly which definately characterizes this fellow. So goes the play on words, that float through my 21st century imagination, just to give you an idea of my creative nicknaming process. I walk Lenny when I have extra time, and after I walk Mongo. I'm not so worried about Lenny as he is a medium sized dog, about 8 months old, very warm and personable, and walks fairly well on the leash considering he hasn't had much training. The way I see it, Lenny will probably get adopted more quickly than Mongo. Most of the small and medium sized dogs get adopted fairly quickly, the big dogs and black dogs take longer. The black dogs take longer because there are so many of them and people see them as more common and often times want a dog for their looks more so than for their personality, but that is more of an observation and generalization on my part to explain the statistic. So friendly Lenny, who is smart and very engaged with me as we walk on the leash will go quickly. In fact the only major issue Lenny seems to have, which is easily overcome, is his overabundance of happiness and excitement when I call his name and he comes to me, and then jumps up and wiggles with intense enthusiasm and takes a few minutes to calm down. This juxtaposition to Mongo is rather odd to me. One dog will barely give me the time of day when he's on the leash and the other one comes when I call him, and overwhelms me with his enthusiasm! Well such are the strange scenarios of working with shelter dogs. Who knows what the real stories were behind their previous lives, we can only guess, and work with what is currently going on and try to help them find good, caring homes.

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